Friday, April 6, 2012

The Perfect Sunny-Side Up Egg

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The Sunny-Side of Life 
It's Easter time, which means it's all about the egg this week. Bon’App looks at how eggs feature in our day-to-day lives as breakfast staples. The sunny-side up egg is one of the most popular ways to eat eggs. Its yellow center, can perk up any morning!
Anyone can make a sunny-side up egg. However, we show you below how to make the perfect one.

- One medium egg
- 1/2 tbsp olive oil (or canola oil)
- Small pat butter
- Salt and pepper

Take out the egg from the refrigerator an hour before cooking it. This lets the egg spread better on the pan, which allows for more even temperature as you cook it
- Heat a pan on medium heat. Put the olive oil and butter in the pan. Adding oil to the butter raises the temperature point at which the butter would otherwise burn (this is an old trick used by French chefs)
- When the butter starts to bubble, break your egg and place it in the center of the pan
- While the egg is cooking, put one grind of fresh pepper and then spread the salt (for best taste, try “Fleur de sel" from Guérande). However, make sure that you put the salt only on the white part and not the yolk because if the salt dips into the yolk, it will continue to cook that part even after you remove the egg from the pan
- The duration for cooking the egg depends on your taste – whether you like the white to be soft (as in the picture), or if you like it well done and crispy.

In the mood for a very special Easter treat on Sunday?

If you really want to go the extra step to get your “perfect sunny-side up egg”, follow these additional recommendations from Ferran Adrià the world- famous chef from El Bulli):

- Before you heat the pan, separate the yolk from the white egg. Keep the yolk aside
- Beat the egg white lightly, heat the pan as above, and pour only the white part in the pan. This way, the egg white forms a nice round circle in the center of the pan                      
- If you like the white part well done and the yolk to be soft, you should cook the white part separately for a few seconds, then….
- Delicately put the yolk in the center of the white part that's on the pan
- For salt and pepper use the same principles above

This allows you to cook the egg white and the yolk, just the way you like them. You also get the yolk perfectly centered and the white perfectly round.

That's the recipe to the unforgettable sunny-side up egg! So, go ahead and treat yourself :)

Bon'App shows that a regular sunny-side egg has 92 calories, 94 mg salt, 9 g bad fat and 6 g protein.

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