Friday, July 13, 2012

Alternative Protein Sources!

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Do you know of good sources of protein besides meat and poultry?

Mix it up!  Include some of these protein sources in your diet.   Bon'App tells us the amount of protein per serving:
  • Fish (about 20 grams/4 oz. serving)
  • Eggs (about 6 grams/1 medium egg)
  • Yogurt (about 13 grams/6 oz. container)
  • Cheese (about 14 - 17 grams/ half cup diced serving)
  • Milk (about 8 grams/1 cup serving)
  • Dried beans (about 4 grams/half cup serving)
  • Peas (about 2 grams/half cup serving)
  • Peanut butter (about 4 grams/1 Tablespoon serving)
  • Nuts (about 10-20 grams/half cup serving)
  • Seeds (about 12-15 grams/half cup serving)  

 When you do have meat or poultry:
  • Choose lean cuts of meat
  • Trim off visible fat on meats
  • Remove the skin off chicken or buy it skinless
  • Drain fat that collects while cooking
  • Do not fry; broil, grill, roast, or boil
  • Limit breading, sauces, and gravy

Don't forget you have to register on Bon'App to find out the protein in your food!

You can use Bon'App through the Web, iTunes, or Google Play!

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