Monday, July 2, 2012

Help Bon'App fight teen obesity!

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Bon’App is excited to announce the launch of a project to help fight teen obesity on Indiegogo!

Adolescent obesity is a serious problem in the US, with the CDC reporting that 18% of the nation’s teens are obese. We want to educate these teens about nutrition using mobile technology - putting smartphones preloaded with Bon’App in the hands of those who could not otherwise afford them - and we need your help!

We aim to raise at least $15,000, which would allow us to donate smartphones to at least 120 teens, enroll them in our research program, and create customized health messages to send them. These messages will be based on geo-location and previous food choices. Having access to Bon’App and these health messages will enable the teens to make smarter food choices.

Please help us reach the kids who most need support, and pick up some cool prizes or a chance to meet the Bon’App team in the process!

Here’s a video that gives more info about our proposal:

And here’s the link to our project:

Act now! Be a part of this exciting new Bon’App venture, and help teens make better food choices!

Every $1 counts. Thank you for your kind help.

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