Monday, July 9, 2012

McDonald's Salads

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Salad at McDonalds can be a great lunch option if you know which one to order!  Some salads and dressings are packed with calories but there are definitely some great options!

For example, Bon’App tells us these salads are high in calories:

Premium Southwest Salad with Crispy Chicken – 450 Calories
Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with Crispy Chicken – 390 Calories
Premium Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken –     350 Calories

But this is before including the salad dressings, and those can add a lot!
Newman's Own® Creamy Caesar Dressing – 190 Calories
Newman's Own® Ranch Dressing – 170 Calories

Bon’App recommends going for one of these lower-calorie salads:
Side Salad – 20 Calories
Premium Caesar Salad (without chicken) – 90 Calories
Premium Southwest Salad (without chicken) – 140 Calories

McDonald’s has some lower-calorie dressings as well:
Newman's Own® Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette – 35 Calories
Newman's Own® Low Fat Family Recipe Italian Dressing – 50 Calories

If you are worried about your Calorie and Bad Fat batteries, you can skip the dressing altogether, or only use a quarter of a packet – you still get all of the flavor!

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