Friday, July 20, 2012

Two Cool Sites To Help You Meet Your Goals!

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Bon’App wants to introduce you to two Websites with corresponding Applications that encourage health and nutrition! 
Especially with the current rise in obesity, health and body image are important topics for teens.

BodiMojo has a pretty cool moto: Health can be cool.
Their app and website make health cool by providing information in a fun way to help teens be healthy- much needed in our society!  They do a great job of covering a wide range of topics including: body image, nutrition, fitness, eating disorders, mental health, dating, sex, alcohol, drugs, and more.

They even customize their information through personal quizzes like “What’s Your Workout Personality?” and “Tune In or Tune Out: Are You Media Savvy”, customized goal setting, and tips.

BodiMojo was designed to motivate and engage teens and they do a great job!  We could spend all day looking through their website and playing with their app.

As their website warns: health can be habit forming!

We at Bon’App are excited to see such a great resource for teens to help them be healthier and have positive body image, especially at a time when we want to Help Teens Fight Obesity!

Another great and encouraging website and app, that’s not just for teens, is Daily Feats

On Daily Feats, it’s fun to mark off the feats you do by clicking on the cute, easy to interpret images that look like stamps.  If you see a feat that you don’t do but want to start doing click “Help Me Do This” and Daily Feats keeps track of what you want to work on in your “Goals” sections.  Daily Feats even helps you set up a routine so that you can make your goal a habit and tracks how often you’re doing the feat!

In a world full of distraction, Daily Feats sets up a simple way to set goals and meet them.  It also helps make people feel better about themselves for the feats they are accomplishing!

As you do feats everyday you check in and get points for doing them.  Points can be redeemed for rewards such as savings on brands and businesses and donations made in your name.

What fun way to improve your health and well-being!

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