Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Healthy Turkey Sandwiches From Our Top Brands

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Turkey may be a Thanksgiving staple, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this flavorful meat year-round. It's likely that you probably can't go full out with a whole roasted turkey in the oven. Bon'App is here to help you choose the healthiest turkey sandwich on-the-go with the least calories, salt, and bad fat!

We DON'T recommend...

Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich

This Market Fresh sandwich from Arby's doesn't sound too fresh once you find out its nutrition facts. The sandwich, packed with thick cut pepper bacon and Peppercorn Ranch sauce in between giant honey wheat breads, has 810 calories, 2270mg of salt, and 11g of bad fat. 

We DON'T recommend...

Dairy Queen

Grilled Turkey Sandwich

Dairy Queen's Grilled Turkey Sandwich doesn't have as much calories or salt as the sandwich from Arby's (720 calories and 1970mg of salt), but it has more grams of bad fat at 12g.

We DO recommend...

Turkey Breast

Enjoy the full flavors of turkey breast and various fresh vegetables when you bite into this Turkey Breast sandwich from Subway, which has 280 calories, 810mg of salt, and 1g of bad fat per 6-inch serving.

We DO recommend...

Turkey Light Sandwich 
The Turkey Light Sandwich from Cosi, which has 390 calories, 526mg of salt, and 1g of bad fat, is served in its signature freshly-baked flat bread with roasted turkey, shredded romaine, and spicy honey mustard.

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