Friday, September 28, 2012

Low-Sugar, Fiber-Rich Cereals to Start Your Day

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Walking down the cereal aisle at a grocery store may be a bit overwhelming. What should you choose if you want something that is both healthy and tasty? Which cereal will keep you full the longest? How do you know which is the "right" one?

At the very basic, Bon'App suggests that each serving of cereal has less than 10 grams of sugar, has 3 grams of fiber, and doesn't pack more than 250 calories. Here is a list of Bon'Approved cereals.

Fiber One Original

Packing in 14 grams of fiber and 0 gram of sugar, Fiber One Original is not only healthy, but also will keep you full well into lunch time. This cereal has only 60 calories per serving, but has 57% daily value of fiber.


This classic cereal made of whole-grain oats has 100 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and 3 grams of fiber per serving. Skip the potato chips and nibble on cheerios when you are hungry...they make great midday snacks too!


If you are craving something sweet, resist the temptation to grab those donuts or pastries on the table. Instead, pour a bowl of Kix cereal, which only has 110 calories and 3 grams of sugar, but has delicious sweet flavors. A serving of Kix contains 3 grams of fiber.

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