Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Simple Efforts to Healthier, Happier Life

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There are some easy substitutions that everyone can make to help make their diet more nutritious. Here are the top 5 tips from Bon’App to help keep you on track without going too far out of your way.

Drink More Water!

Skip sugary sodas, energy drinks, and choose water instead! If you need a bit more pizazz in your beverages, try sparkling water or flavored seltzer – all the flavor and fizz without the calories. Diet soda drinkers beware – although your drink may not have any calories, the sweeteners used in diet drinks can still negatively impact your diet by making you crave more sugar later. If you need an energy boost, brew some tea or coffee – both have enough caffeine to get you through an afternoon slump without adding sugar to your diet – just remember to skip the cream and sugar (or use them sparingly).

Check the Sodium!

 Although salt won’t add to your calorie count, it can still wreck your health when consumed in large quantities by contributing to hypertension. When you are at the grocery store or a restaurant, remember to use Bon’App to check which food has the least salt when all other things are equal. You may be surprised by how much salt can be found in bread, canned foods, and frozen dinners.

Get your vitamins from food, not pills!

Recent research suggests that vitamins taken in pill form are not as beneficial as those from fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Although the pills may contain the same amount of the vitamins themselves, they lack the enzymes and antioxidants which help metabolize vitamins and support general health. Skip the pills, unless they are prescribed by your doctor due to a specific deficiency, and increase your fresh food intake instead.

Moderation is key!

You can survive without chocolate, but would you really want to? You shouldn’t have to completely give up your favorite foods in the name of health, but don’t overindulge either. An occasional square of high quality dark chocolate can be good for your heart and make binging on junk food less likely – you deserve to be picky about your indulgences! Savor every bite, and you won’t have to eat as much to fulfill your craving.

Spice up your life!

Instead of flavoring your food with salt and sugar, try using more spices in your cooking. A dash of cinnamon adds dimension to black coffee or oatmeal, smoked paprika makes meat more savory without added fat, and lemon pepper flavors fish without adding unnecessary salt. Experiment with spices, and you may even find that you need less food to feel full – complexly flavored food will satisfy you sooner. And don’t forget that some spices can help boost up your metabolism and even lower insulin levels! ( )

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