Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bon'App Introduces Personalized Nutrition Goals: Reset Your Batteries!

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At Bon'App, we are committed to providing users with personalized nutrition guidance, allowing individuals to live healthier lifestyles and achieve their unique nutrition goals. With easy voice powered food entry, and a simple language of calories, sugar, salt, and bad fat, Bon'App helps you track your daily food intake to make healthier choices. But did you ever wish you could change your daily calories and nutrient batteries to better suit your unique needs? Bon'App is pleased to introduce Personalized Nutrition Goals, allowing users to change their batteries to better meet their individual needs!  
Simply go to the Bon'App website, and log into your personal account. Click on the 'profile' tab and under the 'goals' section you will find a feature that allows you to set your goals to your specific needs. Your profile information will automatically be updated on your mobile device. 
Please be sure to consult your doctor or nutritionist if you have any questions or concerns about your goals. 

We at Bon'App think our app's personalized nutrition guidance is five-star; if you agree please give us a five-star rating on iTunes or Google play. If Bon’App is not a perfect five-star app for you, tell us why so we can fix it!

Happy healthy eating! 

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