Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winning the Chicken Wing Shortage

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Regardless if you’re a Ravens fan, a 49ers fan, or if your team was left in the dust long ago, the Super Bowl is a time for gathering with friends and family. It's an American Sporting Spectacle, if for no other reason than to gawk at the expensive commercials or await a half time scandal. Though the television may be the main star, the food served is definitely a vitally important supporting player. Try these Bon’App recipes for classic Super Bowl tastes without the classic calorie calamity.

Chicken Wings with Ranch dip may be the most classic Super Bowl fare. However, with the rumored Chicken Wing Shortage, and the fact that both Buffalo Chicken Wings and Ranch Dip may not be the best option for your waistline, Bon'App is offering you a healthier alternative. To preserve the classic taste while championing over the caloric disaster, try making a lower calorie Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip. Made with chicken breast and plenty of seasonings, this dip pleases taste buds at only 65 calories per a 1/3-cup serving.

If 65 calories is still too much per serving, try this Cilantro Fiesta Dipping Sauce. With 8 calories per 2 tbsp serving, this sauce is a great option when paired with whole-grain crackers or your favorite vegetable. Also, because it is made with vinegar, it is low Salt and Bad Fat.

Escarole or Cabbage Chips
Even if the dips you choose have next to no calories, you could still consume a days worth of calories by picking a high-calorie dipper. Things like potato chips and cheesy crackers are typically high in calories, bad fat, and salt. Opting to use Escarole, kale or cabbage as chips will keep your snacking low calorie and high in fiber, making you feel fuller and satiated for longer. If you do choose to dip cabbage, be sure to pick the crisper parts of the leaf, located near the head of the cabbage. This will insure a more authentic dipping experience. 

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