Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eggs: Are they all they're cracked up to be?

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For years Americans have scrambled away from eggs, fearing the high levels of dietary cholesterol would increase risk of heart disease.  But cholesterol is a natural fat-like component found in cells and used to many important compounds in the body including vitamin D and hormones.  True, avoiding certain foods can help control levels of bad cholesterol. But did you know that saturated fats and trans fats impact levels of bad cholesterol more than dietary cholesterol?  Cholesterol-rich foods are not the primary culprit, and with 185mg of cholesterol, one large egg contains far less than the 300mg daily allowance. So go ahead and eat an egg per day: they easily fit into a heart healthy diet. What’s more, eggs cost less than $0.15 each and for around 70 calories, they deliver over six grams of protein and 13 essential vitamins and minerals! Fried, boiled or baked, eggs are a Bon’Approved part of any breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Mostly Egg White Frittata
Any easy way to cut down the cholesterol in recipes containing multiple eggs is using both eggs and egg whites.  Try Oprah’s  frittata recipe  – each serving contains less than 300 calories, 25 grams of protein, and along with egg whites just one whole egg.  Filled with veggies, flavored with basil, and baked to golden perfection, it’s a delicious option for your next Saturday breakfast or Sunday dinner. 

Chickpea Deviled Eggs
 The mayonnaise and egg yolk in traditional deviled egg recipes cause quite an impact on your calories and bad fat batteries.  But a few simple ingredients tweak can lower the evil impact that traditional recipes have on your daily intake. Whole Foods deviled eggs recipe partially substitutes egg yolks with garbanzo beans - low-fat legumes with a high vitamin and mineral content.  This recipe contains just 48 calories and 1 gram of bad fat per ½ egg, making chickpea deviled eggs the perfect party-friendly food with a little flare.

Green Eggs & No Ham Muffins
Part of eggs convenience is their portability. Prepared ahead of time, they make the perfect snack to power through your day.  Have extra time this weekend? Try making Bon’App’s   Green Egg & No Ham Muffin recipe     recipe, and then enjoy them throughout the week.  With calcium-containing kale, spinach and feta cheese, in addition to protein-packed eggs and egg whites, they make a perfectly portioned breakfast or snack.  With 5 grams of protein, 51 calories, and less than one egg per muffin, even Sam-I-am won’t be able to find any faults! 

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