Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This Easter, Resurrect Your Healthy Eating

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While the Easter bunny certainly is known for bringing joy to kids, he isn’t known for leaving behind healthy snacks.  With treats like chocolate bunnies and egg-shaped peanut butter cups, it’s no wonder we see this as a sugar-filled holiday! Easter is certainly a reason for celebration, and while it’s easy to go overboard on meats and sweets, your springtime feast doesn’t have to entail a diet disaster. With the help of Bon’App, you can be sure your Easter festivities are happy and healthy.

Eggs are certainly the food most associated with Easter, though many of us often think of the plastic kind filled with chocolate. Turning to the old-fashioned egg more frequently, however, can do wonders for your health. One large egg delivers only 74 Calories, along with 6 grams of Protein and a mere 2 grams of Bad Fat. Since most of the protein is contained in the egg white and all the vitamins are in the yolk, be sure to eat whole eggs to take advantage of all that they have to offer. Two eggs scrambled with vegetables can be the perfect breakfast to power through your morning.

Eggs (1 large)

But eggs aren’t the only popular protein when it comes to Easter. Ham and lamb are two other traditional foods that often show up on the Easter dinner menu. Ham can be a healthy, lean choice for dinner—a 3 ounce serving of the smoked honey ham is a mere 105 Calories with 0 grams of Bad Fat. But many types of ham, such as this one below, rack up more than 30% of your daily recommended intake of Salt. So beware of filling up on ham if you need to watch your salt intake!

Smoked Honey Ham (3 ounces)

Lamb is another great choice for Easter dinner. While more caloric than ham, 3 ounces of a boneless lamb chop contains 183 Calories and only 3 grams of Bad Fat. It is also an excellent source of protein and is lower in Salt than most ham options.

Boneless Lamb Chop (3 ounces)

But what is Easter without something sweet? Everyone’s favorite Easter treat, Marshmallow Peeps, are fairly low in Calories. Two bunnies are only 55 Calories; however, they are made of mostly sugar racking up 13 grams per serving. Remember, you can still enjoy this Easter Day dessert but just be sure to limit your sweet treat to 2 bunnies!  If you're someone who must have chocolate to be satisfied, be sure to check out which type of chocolate is the healthiest before you indulge.

Marshmallow Peeps (2 bunnies)

No matter how you may choose to indulge, the Bon’App team wishes all of you a Happy, Healthy Easter! 

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