Thursday, May 2, 2013

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Bon'App

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Contrary to what many may think, Cinco de Mayo is not a celebration of Mexico’s Independence.  Instead, it commemorates Mexico’s victory over France on May 5th of 1862.  Americans are fond of using this day to celebrate Mexican culture—mostly through its delicious food and drink!  Check out these tips from Bon’App on what to eat to enjoy the holiday without letting your diet suffer.

When a basket of crispy chips is set down in front of you at a Mexican restaurant, it’s hard to resist their crunchy, salty goodness.  But packing 381 Calories, 328 mg of Salt, and 2 g of Bad Fat in each cup, it really shows that all those little chips add up.  Try to limit yourself to only a few, or better yet, ignore them completely, and focus on your entrée!

Tortilla Chips (1 cup)
If you’re looking for a healthier meal, avoid heavy-favorites like burritos and enchiladas, and opt for fajitas instead.  Planning on celebrating Cinco de Mayo at home?  Try this recipe for turkey fajitas.  An individual serving has 334 Calories, 27 g of Protein, and 7 g of Fiber.  To reduce some of the salt in the recipe, look for a lower sodium fajita seasoning or leave out the additional salt when cooking.

Turkey Fajitas (1 serving)

Many people instantly think of a margarita when deciding which Mexican drink to pair with their meal.  However, just one of these frosty concoctions is packed with roughly 250 Calories and 32 grams of Sugar!  A better drink choice is a light beer, like Corona Light, which has 99 Calories and zero grams of Sugar!

Corona Light (1 bottle)

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