Thursday, May 9, 2013

Treat Mom This Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is a time to do something special for the women in our lives who have always been there for us.  One way to show your appreciation is to make a special dessert for them.  No matter who you are celebrating with—a mom, an aunt, a grandmother—they will certainly enjoy one of these healthy treats!

If you’re looking to keep it simple, incorporate your favorite fruit into a dessert.  This is a great way to enjoy guilt-free sweets!  Grill fruit like pears or pineapples and top with a little vanilla ice cream.  Try this Bon’App adapted recipe for grilled pears with cinnamon and brown sugar.  We made it healthier by only using a cup of brown sugar and cutting portion sizes in half.  Each half pear contains 192 Calories and 26 g Sugar.  While the Sugar content appears high, remember that over half of that is natural sugar from the pears!  You can also add a half cup of vanilla ice cream for an additional 73 Calories and 8 g of Sugar.

Grilled Bartlett Pears (½ pear)

Another option is to make dark chocolate dipped strawberries.  Moms will be sure to enjoy these sweet antioxidant-filled treats.  One strawberry has only 40 Calories, 5 g of Sugar, and 1 g of Fiber!

Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry (1 strawberry)

There are plenty of ways to lighten up baked goods for a healthy Mother’s Day.  Try this recipe for our chocolate cake made with garbanzo beans!  Less calories and no gluten, but still all the flavor of a regular cake!  One piece has 245 Calories, 28 g of Sugar, and 6 g of Protein.

The Bon’App team wishes you all a very happy Mother’s Day!

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