Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brown Bag a Healthy Lunch!

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Whether you’re on the go or stuck in the office, it can be tempting to eat fast food for lunch.  Unfortunately, this habit can quickly take a toll on both your wallet and waistline.  Packing your lunch is a great alternative that is nutritious, easy, and cost-efficient.  Here are a few suggestions to inspire your next lunch!

The Main Feature
A bagged lunch staple, sandwiches are a great on-the-go meal.  Choose 100% whole wheat bread, which includes more fiber and nutrients than white bread varieties.  For deli meats, go with either lean turkey or chicken. Also, grilled chicken is a versatile lean protein that can be paired with many accoutrements to liven up your lunch.  There are plenty of great options for fillings including grilled or chopped veggies!
Grilled veggies can make any sandwich taste gourmet!
Looking for something to freshen up your routine?  Salads can be tossed in a flash!  Load up on colorful veggies to entertain your taste buds and include lean protein, like tuna or chicken, to power you through the day. 

Snack Through the Day
Keep snacks on hand so that you’ll be ready whenever hunger strikes.  Fruit is a simple addition that can satisfy a craving for sweets.  To pass up the temptation of munching on savory, yet fatty potato chips, look for healthier options like baked kale or sweet potato chips.  An even better option is to include fresh, cut up veggies, like carrots or celery, which have all the crunch with none of the Salt or Bad Fat!


So next time you are tempted to buy fast food for lunch, make sure to use these tips so that you can reach your healthy nutrition goals! You can even use these same suggestions to pack a healthy lunch for your kids, too! 


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