Monday, November 18, 2013

Featured Testimonials from Bon’Appers!

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This is what the Bon'App diet is about: track your food, learn from it, and make decisions that will lead to weight loss, invariably and successfully. Below are some real testimonials from Bon’Appers. You can be part of this adventure.

"Bon'App helped me lose over 75 pounds. Before Bon'App, I used to write everything down in a journal, which was very cumbersome. Now, I can just speak into my phone and track the foods I eat to maintain my weight. Bon'App will always be a part of my lifelong healthy lifestyle."

– Frank, a daily Bon’App user for 9 months.

"Bon'App is an easy-to use tool that has helped me monitor my diet. The Sugar battery was the most helpful to me. I was very surprised at how much sugar I was consuming in my diet. I found it to be a superior user experience and have already recommended it to family and friends."

– A Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Associate

"As a Registered Nurse, I have always been aware of what I eat. But, when I started to use Bon'App, I was shocked at how much salt I consumed in my diet. Being a vegetarian, I struggle to eat enough good sources of protein in my diet, so I found the Protein battery very helpful in tracking my protein intake. I plan on continuing to use Bon'App even after the Bon'App Nutrition Program at my Company is over."
– Independence Blue Cross of Philadelphia Associate[1]

With the help of his three tech-savvy grandchildren, he discovered Bon’App and was hooked immediately. He has been faithfully using Bon’App every day for nine months. Frank quickly realized that Bon’App would be the key to his weight loss success because he could see how the food he considered eating would affect his daily goals. This allowed him to decide whether or not he should eat it, and how much of it he should eat.  Before finding Bon’App, Frank would write down the foods he ate in a journal, which he found cumbersome and often inaccurate. He said Bon’App was better than any notebook because it was right on his phone, so he could take it anywhere and track foods in real time. When Frank saw the calories of what he was about to eat, he immediately adjusted portion size. It truly helped him redefine how he thinks about food, and more importantly, made him aware of how much he was eating so that he could lose the weight and keep it off for good. Today, Frank is proud to say he has gotten his weight down to 232 pounds. He intends to keep it off by continuing using Bon'App. Not only did Frank’s weight drop over 75 pounds, but he also went down from a 52” waistline to a 38” waistline. That’s a 12-inch drop in his waist. He reported that his blood pressure and cholesterol have improved too, and that his doctor even cut his medication dosages in half. When asked what the key to his weight loss success was, Frank credited a permanent lifestyle change including an eating plan that focused on sensible portions, regular exercise, and the ability to record what he ate using Bon’App. He has been recommending it to everyone who is serious about losing weight. Let me guide you to your own Bon'App weight loss success.

Bon’App created the Nutrition Education Program to pilot at Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts and then successfully implemented the program in August 2013 at Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia, PA. The goal of the Bon’App Nutrition Education Program was to educate employees about weight management and the impact of nutrition on their overall health. It proved very successful. Over 11% of the Independence Blue Cross employees signed up to participate in the program, and of the participants who completed the 3-month program, 47% showed significant weight loss success, with an average weight loss of 8 pounds and several participants lost over 20 pounds during the Bon’App Nutrition Education Program.

Also telling about how to use Bon'App everyday and lose weight, here are the details of Frank’s story he shared with me over the telephone. After struggling with being overweight for 15 years, and having lost his father to heart disease at age 60, Frank knew it was time to take control of his battle with weight. As the President of a YMCA Youth and Family Foundation in Iowa, he had dedicated the past 42 years of his career to promoting health; yet, he wasn’t taking care of his own. Tipping the scale at 310 pounds in October of 2012, Frank went on a mission to change his eating habits for good. He would have to start practicing what he preached when it came to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Eat anything you want. Count What Matters. Lose Big. This is what Bon'App’s philosophy is all about.

[1] See Independence Blue Cross press release for more details about the Bon'App Nutrition Education Program implemented in Philadelphia, PA ( - page viewed on September 27, 2014)


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