Monday, November 3, 2014

Delicious Autumn/Winter Seasonal Soups

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With a frosty chill finally setting in, it is safe to say winter is here! Despite the low temperatures outside, at Bon’App, we keep ourselves warm with the holiday spirit and these tasty, heart-warming soups. Combining seasonal flavors and vegetables, these healthy soups are guaranteed to bring you comfort and warmth. Try making large batches to share with your loved ones or to simply enjoy any night of the week. You can store them in individual containers in your freezer for those emergency suppers when they come handy. Please find the three recipes below each short description. They are all Bon'Approved :)

Autumn Vegetable Soup
This healthy, delicious soup is stocked with seasonal veggies and is perfect for a comforting, yet light meal. With carrots, onions, butternut squash, kale, and chickpeas, a colorful bowl of this soup is sure to brighten your day. Additionally, this is a great choice for eating a meal low in Calories and Bad Fat. Feel free to add or substitute any vegetables you might enjoy — there are endless combinations. 
Click here for this recipe.

Roasted Carrot Soup
This is another great seasonal soup that can add a pop of color to your routine while simultaneously satisfy your taste with a delicious meal. The smooth, creamy consistency of this soup is extra comforting on a winter day and doesn’t even require any cream, so you lower your Bad Fat for teh day. Low in Calories, opt for this soup when you are looking for a healthy alternative to comfort food. Try making this dish one day in advance to let the flavors meld overnight in order for the best results.
Click here for this recipe.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup

Switch up the traditional tastes of the winter with this unique, yet delicious  soups. This recipe puts a spin on your average black bean soup by adding sweet potato — making it a perfect candidate for a new winter favorite. This soup is low in Bad Fat and packed with Fiber and Protein. Although this hearty soup is higher in calories than some, a little goes a long way. In other words, it will keep you feeling nice and full for longer.
Click here for this recipe.

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