Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Secondary Sugar Kills

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By: Patric Cao, Harvard University

Just recently, founder and CEO of Bon’App, Laurent Adamowicz presented a TED Talk at TEDxBeaconStreet titled “Secondary Sugar Kills” In the talk, Adamowicz addresses the daunting truths and dangers behind sugar that’s hidden and added - or what he calls “secondary sugar” - in our foods, from burgers and pizza, to salad dressing, soup, crackers, bread, and even infant formula.

In response to these stumbling facts, Adamowicz has recently launched EChO - Eradicate Childhood Obesity Foundation, Inc. that aims to address this shocking reality through political action, education, research, and outreach. This 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit foundation has recently launched the Front Label Act that aims to increase transparency in our foods.

This Act requires, in addition to the existing nutrition fact labels, a tobacco-style warning that “Added Sugar Kills” as well as a label indicating total teaspoons of sugar in the entire package for all packaged and bottled consumer food products. We encourage you to watch the talk, check out the petition, and join the movement for a healthier America!

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